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Simple Steps To Reduce Employee Theft

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No business owner would ever want to face the possibility that their employees could be stealing from them. Whether pilfering property or creeping away with cash, employee theft is an unfortunate reality that business owners must deal with. The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that employee theft can cost American businesses as much as 50 million dollars annually. Fortunately, those who own a business can reduce the chance of loss due to employee theft by taking a few simple steps.

Know Who You’re Hiring

Business owners should have good knowledge about the type of person they are hiring before they ever step foot on the sales or office floor. Both background checks and drug screening can help prevent the hiring of a person who could be a high risk for malicious behaviors, such as theft. The knowledge that your company does a background screening that covers a person's criminal history can help prevent devious people from applying in the first place, but even those who continue with the process will be discovered through the results.

Pair Up Employees

Incidences of theft can increase when employees work alone. When you schedule at least two employees together on a shift, it deters them from engaging in deviant behavior. People who steal from a company prefer to do so on their own, without a witness to the action. Pairing up employees keeps everyone honest; especially when you rotate the staff often, and refrain from pairing people who share many of the same personality traits. When possible, establish an open line of communication where employees can confidentially inform you if employee theft is suspected.

Keep An Eye On The Trash

It’s probably the last thing that business owners are actually keeping an eye on, but it’s one of the routine tasks that your employees do daily. Employees can steal merchandise by hiding it in an outgoing trash bin and retrieving it at a later time. This is the easiest way to escape attention as very few people have an interest in what’s going out to the garbage bins. Reduce this possible method of theft by using clear garbage bags and locking dumpsters at an appropriate time.

Install A Security Camera

Employees are less likely to attempt a theft if they know that a security camera is monitoring their actions. Knowing that there is continual video surveillance through a security camera system is a strong deterrent that will keep employees from taking their chances with your goods. Choose surveillance software that has a facial recognition feature to ensure that you can identify every move and possible fraudulent intent before it even begins, and restrict security camera access to only a few people to eliminate tampering.

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